Free Weight Training for Beginners

Lifting weights is a great exercise for the formation of the body, in addition to aerobics and pilates. This sport can build muscle, build strong bones and increase metabolism and energy.

Weight-bearing exercise may be more popular among men, but that does not mean women can not do. As quoted from Livestrong, the following tips do weight-bearing exercise for beginners, especially women.

1. Request Aid Instructor
It’s important to know the correct movements when lifting weights. For beginners, it is better if you use the services of fitness instructor first time doing this sport.

2. Exercise Three Times a Week
For beginners, start with diligent strength training at least three times a week. Do it alternately; for example, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Or Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday. This will increase metabolism easier than doing it three days in a row. It also took the time for the body to recover after exercise.

3. Define the repetition and duration
Weight-bearing exercise should last for 20 minutes each of their sessions, targeting the creation of two muscles. For example, if you want to focus on the formation of the chest and legs, you can perform two movements such as lifting a barbell on the chest, followed by lifting a barbell squat. Exercise in this way is intended to move one muscle, the muscle while others rest.

Take advantage of three different movements for each muscle group, with 15 repetitions of each movement.

4. Create a Sports Program
Weightlifting program you have to work on all the muscles of the body at the end of the week. For example, on Monday to train the muscles of the chest, legs and stomach. Wednesday used to form the back muscles, triceps and lower back. Friday, targeting exercises on the shoulder, biceps and calves.

5. Recovery
This stage is quite important, make sure your body enough nutrients and rest for repairing and restoring the muscle tissue. Get plenty of sleep, drink plenty of water and good nutrition will reduce soreness or pain in the muscles after exercise.

Every eight to ten weeks, the rest of the body from lifting weights for one week, or if your body is feeling very tired. One week you can use to see the results of the exercises to your routine.